Monthly Archives: September 2015

Crown Toyota Tip!

Did you know your vehicle’s check engine light can signal a malfunction with one of many different components? From something as simple as a loose gas cap or as complicated as a defective sensor. Specialized diagnostic equipment and factory trained technicians can pinpoint the issue and get you back on the road, worry free. A

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Mario Chalmers Visit

Jayhawk legend Mario Chalmers came back to Lawrence in the end of July despite his busy workout schedule getting ready for his next NBA season. As he has done for the past few years,  he made time to come by Crown Automotive to sign autographs for all of his fans here in Lawrence. Crown also

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Educator of the Year Winner Selection!

The anticipation is over! The Educator of the Year award was presented on August 27th in the Crown Showroom. The winner was Danielle Lotton-Barker from Southwest Middle School in Lawrence. Danielle was our March winner and was chosen over 7 of her fellow monthly winners. Danielle was chosen because of her deep investment in her

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